Can you convert a single mini split air conditioner to a dual air conditioner?

September 11, 2009 by Shawn Mack  
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From:  Chris M

Problem:  Hi. Is it possible to add indoor units to a compressor initially set up for only one indoor unit? Or put a different way: Could I install a compressor with the capacity for more indoor units than initially installed? Thanks.

Solution:  I get asked this question on a weekly basis so it is probably a good idea to address it to the public.  Mini split air conditioner are manufactured as either a singe (1 evaporator to 1 condenser) or multi-head systems (1-4 evaporators to one condenser).  When a multi-head system is manufactured it is built with a larger compressor that can handle multiple evaporators.  Trying to add a second evaporator to a single condenser would drastically effect the output size.  An even larger problem with trying to add an extra evaporator is that all the wiring and circuit boards are only installed for a single system.  There is no place to wire in a second evaporator.  And lastly, you would have to add two more copper line sets into the condenser which it is not set up for.  In short, there is no way to add more evaporators to an existing single mini split air conditioner.

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2 Responses to “Can you convert a single mini split air conditioner to a dual air conditioner?”
  1. Al Chong Says:

    1. Can I replace the existing evaporator unit from one manufacturer with one from another manufacturer maintaining the BTU capacity ?
    2. Can I install a second evaporator to the existing condenser/compressor using a checkvalve, in order to cool a secondary area (second evaporator) while not using the primary area (first evaporator) ?

  2. jeff t Says:

    Hi all.
    I currently have a One year old 2.5 kw cooling MHI split in my bedroom.Bedroom is small,4m x 3m. Initial cooling is good but sometimes we can wake up during the night hot. This is with the unit on 18.c. I have gotten up and felt the airflow and it is warmish. (ac is set to cool). Does anyone have any idea what the problem maybe. My LG in mywork area is same size but much colder and blows harder.
    Also is it possible to replace a larger head to the existing compressor.

    cheers jeff

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