Mini Split Air Conditioner Remote Not Working.

June 16, 2009 by Shawn Mack  
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First Name:  Phyllis

Last Initial:  B

Equipment Type:  Samsung AM18B109 KCV

Problem:  The remote control will not operate the unit.  The battery has been checked and the unit was shut off to try and reset.  I suspect lightning.  Can the sensor in the unit react this way and can it be reset?

Solution:  Usually with remote control problems it stems from a broken controller.  The mini split remotes just don’t hold up to a lot of abuse.  I would think that a new remote would be the first step in problem solving.  If that does not work than I would have the sensor replaced.  The sensor is the device that receives the remote control signal.  Also, make sure that all the wires are connected to the control board (circuit board).  Evaporator circuit boards are usually located under the cover below the temperature display.  Sometimes they are behind a separate panel.  Check this first.

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28 Responses to “Mini Split Air Conditioner Remote Not Working.”
  1. Susan Alvarez Says:

    The remote is not working. I changed the batteries, and still not work.Nothing is show on the screen.

  2. ebgwd Says:

    I checked and my minisplit remote (model zhf/lw-15) has a bad connector on the battery connection on the remote. I put a meter on the batteries and together (series) they show 3Vdc. The voltage was ok (nominal design voltage). The display on the remote controller was blank. My minisplit is a Quietside brand. I will be replaceing the remote next, if I can find a compatable remote.

    Have you put a meter on your battery connectors in the back of the remote?

  3. Mike Says:

    Infrared remotes can be checked with a digital camera. Turn the camera on and point the remote at the lens. If it is working, you will see a whitish blue light on the camera screen.

  4. Ed Clark Says:

    The temp will not set properly. The AC just gets colder and will noy cycle off. I have replaced the remote twice. The compressor has been replaced as well as the fan motor. Help!!

  5. John M Says:

    Ed, lots of the mini splits have sensors in them. It sounds like one of your sensors have gone bad.

  6. Goran Says:

    (SH12ZB9)-I checked my remote with digital camera, it works! But I can not start air conditioner with it! What is the problem?

  7. connie g Says:

    i have an old York mini split. evap was not made by york & i have not been able to trace the mfgr, Neither can York. The remote is broken. I ran the unit through this last hot spell, but took a chance & shut it off with the on/off button on the evap. Well, now it is HOT again & I cannot turn the unit on by the switch on the evap. when i put it on, the damper modulates to the closed position, but nothing else. No power light, condenser stays off. IS THERE A WAY TO JUMPSTART THIS THING? I found a company in Atlanta that repairs almost any remote, but it will be at least a week before I know if they can even fix it. HELP!!

  8. Theresa Says:

    Could you tell me where you found the replacement remote? Ours stopped working- batteries are fine, but the screen has nonsence flashing on it. IT is set to 75 and we’re at a loss. our minisplit model is QCIH-12A/QCOH-12A. Thanks for any info!

  9. Chin Says:

    To Goran, try to reset your remote control if there is such button on it.

  10. Mark Henry Says:

    I need a manual to operate the remote ZHF/LW-15 for the Sea Breeze mini-split AC heating unit. Know where I can get one? Thank you,

  11. Bob Says:

    I need the manual too. ZHF/LW-17-1 remote

  12. steve wade Says:

    I need the manual too. ZHF/LW-17-1 remote

  13. sam Says:

    hi i have an old york mini split ac..the remote seems to have gone bad…where can i get a replacement? thanks

  14. Scott Says:

    Here is a link to the remote PDF.

  15. allan Says:

    My remote control is not turning on the evaperator. However the display on the remote control is coming on, and the evaperator is getting power but the evaperator isn’t coming on

  16. Estevan Says:

    I need a manual to operate the remote ZHF/LW-15 for the Sea Breeze mini-split AC heating unit. Know where I can get one? Thank you,

  17. Tim Says:

    I installed a Seabreeze mini split as soon as I turn the units on I turned it to turbo I put my hand up from the fan I have a small amount of CFM call the factory and they sent new boards and motors.i replace all fan motors and the boards and still low cfm. I measured the CFM the factory states low is 400 turbo is 900 my turbo is 289 CFM I had the factory on this and they are stump some one help lmfao I have tried everything an d went throw there system to know it better then them but still stuck.

  18. Tim Says:

    Oh yea it’s a 42,000 btu with three 12 heads

  19. Terry Says:

    I see others have asked where to purchase a replacement for the remote. I’ve been looking online for 45 minutes and not finding a source. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  20. fernando alog jr Says:

    My remote is not working sometimes is good

  21. swaroop Says:

    My Godrej remote is functioning properly with all display but its not changing temp or any other function on AC unit display board.Pls sugget

  22. Tony hatcher Says:

    I have no manual to my remote . I need to no what the mode icons mean. And I can’t set the clock it just blinks. Need instructions on it. ZHF/LW-17-1 is my remote. Help please!!

  23. Julie Says:

    looking to replace my quietside remote mode number ZCF/LW-17-1

  24. Liza Says:

    replacement for Fujitsu split AC remote model AR-RED1U?

  25. Lennox Phillip Says:

    Where can i get a replacement remote control for a termal Zone ZHF/LW-17.1 the one that i have is not responding. put new batteries but no response. No signals in the window

  26. ken hirth Says:

    my remote i ZCF/LW-17 i only see LW-15 can i use the 15 ?

  27. dennis donio Says:

    need new sea breeze remote zhf/lw-15

  28. et.. Says:

    Hey Scott just an update the Web page you linked is outdated for the manual just wanted to put it out there for anyone who does find a manual does or can display one I having same issue which the clock is blinking at 00:00am and can’t figure out how to set it I am at a hotel which I was trying to setup there remote for anyone else to have ready to use & the filters are now clean which is the first & the most important thing to have checked if anyone does have a manual please display one if not I have one to look forward to find one

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