Mini Split Condensation Pumps

January 8, 2009 by Shawn Mack  
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Condensation Pump

A mini split condensation pump is a small pump that is used to pump the condensation, or water, out of the reservoir of your indoor evaporators drain pan. The basic function of an air conditioner is to remove moisture, or humidity, from the air creating a cooler environment. As moisture is removed it is deposited in the evaporators drain pan at the bottom of the unit.

When a wall mounted mini split is installed properly, the drain pan can empty its contents out the back of the unit through a plastic drain line outdoors. Most mini split air conditioners have a ½” drain line. All condensate water will drain, with the assistance of gravity, outdoors or to an interior drain below the unit.

Most condensation pumps use a float switch to activate the pump when water reaches a designed level. Condensation pumps require either 110 volt or 220 volt electricity for operation. Make sure to purchase a pump that will operate with your existing power configuration.

Mini split condensation pumps are ideal to use when the evaporator is installed in a basement or area that is below the outdoor drain level. Condensation pumps can help drain water up to 30 feet above the pumps location.

Condensation pumps are self-priming, water-cooled and water lubricated.

All mini split condensation pumps have two components:

The Pump Body: This includes an electronic circuit board and the pump motor.

The Reservoir: This contains the switching mechanism to activate the pump and the filter. Make sure to occasionally check the filter to make sure that it is clean and the float switch is operational. Dirty filters can clog the float switch and water may overflow the drain pan. The reservoir must remain level to operate effectively.

Please check out the article ‘Condensation Pump Installation Styles” for more information on types of installation for condensation pumps. As always please feel free to leave comments on this article.

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3 Responses to “Mini Split Condensation Pumps”
  1. Miles Says:

    I had a Mini Split system installed about a year ago. The condensation pumps have been a NIGHTMARE. I am not sure if they were installed incorrectly, but they never seem to prime; meaning, my pumps are very loud.
    I don’t even want to use the system, even though I spent 10k for it.
    I have a Fujitsu system (3 indoor units total) with Aspen Pumps.
    The Aspen Pump in our Master Beedroom continually primes, even though the system has not been used in 2 weeks, and it is keeping me up at night. My wife is done with this, and has been sleeping in the spare room.
    Any advice, or suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I had the same problem with a condensate pump for a min split until I realized it was mounted on the wall and made the whole wall vibrate. I took it off the wall and left it hanging and that solved the problem. I realized it wasn’t a good idea to let it just hang, so I remounted it on a soft piece of rubber with a strip of Styrofoam between the rubber piece and the wall. It sounds much better.

    I have the opposite problem with my pump when it hasn’t been used in a while. I can’t get it primed.

  3. manohar Says:

    I need 15 nos Hiwall unit Drain pump

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