Replacing Just the Evaporator of a Mini Split.

February 10, 2009 by Shawn Mack  
Filed under Ask Thomas

Written by Megan A:


My inside evaporator will not come on.  I have checked the power, checked the fuses inside the cover, changed the batteries in the remote. Can I use the same compressor and just buy the inside unit or do I have to buy the compressor and evaporator. I have looked everywhere and can not find just the inside unit. I hate to throw away the compressor.

Solution:  After checking that power is indeed reaching the indoor evaporator and the fuse is still intact you most likely have a circuit board failure.  Many manufacturers call it a “PCB Board” and it is a relatively easy repair.  Call your manufacturer to purchase the correct part.  Most manufacturers will have a one year warranty on the circuit board.

If you need to purchase a new evaporator there should not be a problem swapping it with the older unit.  Make sure the model number of the new evaporator matches the old evaporator.  A HVAC installer will be needed to vacuum the line set and recharge the entire system’s refrigeration.  The only difficulty I see is if you have an older 10 SEER evaporator and the only thing available is the newer 13 SEER evaporators.  The two systems will not be compatible.  You will also have to find a distributor that will sell only the evaporator.


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