Can I house my mini split outside condenser indoors?

April 24, 2010 by Shawn Mack  
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First Name:  Max

Problem: Hello I’m looking to invest in an mini split to help cool a data / server room that will require ~24000 BTU of cooling year round.  The climate here can be below zero degrees F here at points in the winter.   I’m wondering about the potential of keeping the “outside” portion of the mini split in a basement room below the server room, and using a combination of a ducted blower fan / high velocity floor  fan to exchange the air in this space, which is ~ 8′ X 7′.  Would this keep the condenser / compressor cool enough to run the a/c ?   At what temperatures do the condenser and compressor function most efficiently?   thanks for your advice! Max

Solution:  Some new mini split air conditioners have inverter compressors that can operate to temperatures around -5 degrees Fahrenheit.  The only issue is that they start to lose efficiency when temperatures drop below freezing.  I have had customers who have placed their outdoor condenser in a warehouse or other large open area.  The only concern for the condenser is to not be installed in an area with very limited airflow or where dirt or debris can enter the unit.

Here is a link to some inverter mini split air conditioners.