Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Mini Split

July 21, 2010 by Shawn Mack  
Filed under Ask Thomas

Name:  Carol

Problem: I am pretty handy around the house and after getting several quotes from ductless installers. I will probably install the units myself. I was told that Panasonic is affiliated with the company that makes the Mr Slim units and they are the best. Is this true. Also, the Panasonic condensor that I priced has the old type freon. The discounted price is 2199 and supplies (2) inside units with free shipping and includes the installation kit.

Solution:  Mitsubishi makes the line of Mr. Slim air conditioners.  Panasonic is a pretty popular compressor for most mini split air conditioner lines, so there is a good chance that the system you are looking at has a Panasonic compressor.  If you are looking for a good deal on a dual mini split air conditioner with the new R410 refrigerant and an inverter compressor check out this unit:  AmericAire ACDE12HP220I.

This unit has a Sanyo inverter compressor and qualifies for a 30% tax credit.