Mini Split Air Conditioner Remote Not Working.

June 16, 2009 by Shawn Mack  
Filed under Ask Thomas

First Name:  Phyllis

Last Initial:  B

Equipment Type:  Samsung AM18B109 KCV

Problem:  The remote control will not operate the unit.  The battery has been checked and the unit was shut off to try and reset.  I suspect lightning.  Can the sensor in the unit react this way and can it be reset?

Solution:  Usually with remote control problems it stems from a broken controller.  The mini split remotes just don’t hold up to a lot of abuse.  I would think that a new remote would be the first step in problem solving.  If that does not work than I would have the sensor replaced.  The sensor is the device that receives the remote control signal.  Also, make sure that all the wires are connected to the control board (circuit board).  Evaporator circuit boards are usually located under the cover below the temperature display.  Sometimes they are behind a separate panel.  Check this first.