Window Unit vs. Mini Split Efficiency

February 10, 2009 by Shawn Mack  
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Written by:  Jackie S.

Problem:  Not a problem.  I have a Whirlpool 15,600 btu. window unit through the wall.  It cools to 70 degrees at a reasonable cost.  My question is can I expect an 18,000 btu. mini ductless to perform equally to my Whirlpool or better?  The sizing is right, I just don’t want to get too large or too small of a mini split air conditioner.

Solution: A mini split air conditioner will be a much more economical system than a window through the wall air conditioner.  Older window units are at or below 10 SEER.  Ductless mini split systems start at 13 SEER and at the 18,000 btu. size reach up to 16 SEER.  A 13 SEER unit will save over 30% on your utility bill versus a 10 SEER unit.  Also, mini split systems are much more quiet than a window unit.


One Response to “Window Unit vs. Mini Split Efficiency”
  1. taufik amirrudin Says:

    Same thought.
    Mini split much more efficient than window.
    Thank you

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